Concept Phone Home

Concept Phone Home

Most of today’s fixed-line phones are some similarities in design and look like something boring. In the future, regular phones will look completely different. For example, Anton Webb developed the original design of your home phone Non Literal. Despite the unusual shape, the phone has a simple user interface. To dial, dial the phone is provided, as in conventional old-style phones, but not much improved appearance. To create a design inspired by the very nature, have created all the ideal forms. Anton Webb just picked up the basic idea and created a phone in the form of leaves of the plant.  Future technology Concept  Phone Home

Concept phone is the small detail that will bring to the interior of the house a kind of artistic beauty. However, not all, this idea seems worthy, because many do not think of a thing that used to be not only practical but also beautiful. On the other hand, Non Literal Phone would have some popularity, as There are people who demand and beauty. Anyway, the gadget is still far from entering into mass production.   Future technology Concept  Phone Home Future technology Concept  Phone Home

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