Concept Phone for Athletes

Concept Phone for Athletes

Concise and simple design of the phone of the future offered to the designer with a funny name for our latitude, Patrick Loh. Its development is designed for those who love innovation, but prefers not to spend time studying dozens of new functions and features of the device. Therefore Gigaset coeval L226 is positioned as a mobile phone for athletes, and its main feature – the ability to attach to clothing of the owner. Phone on the clip – that’s concise and brief description of the conceptual gadget that draws it unobtrusive and discreet appearance. The clip, which is located behind Gigaset coeval L226 can bind to a pocket or sleeve, collar or lapel of clothing, while the owner is engaged in sports, jogging, or walking to the shops. Respond to incoming calls or make outgoing and you can without touching the phone, headset, and even this is not required. Future technology Concept Phone for Athletes

An additional plus an unusual concept – putting the device to charge on a special stand, something like a docking station, you can get enough of suitable digital watch. A powerful, high-quality speaker turns the phone into a portable media player for music, that music fans will appreciate. That’s just, unfortunately, it’s just a concept, and when it goes into production, not reported.

Designer: Patrick Loh  Future technology Concept Phone for Athletes Future technology Concept Phone for Athletes Future technology Concept Phone for Athletes

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