Concept PC Digital Skin!

Concept PC Digital Skin!

Gadgets are so firmly established in our lives that travelers do not want to part with them. everything should be on hand, and a personal computer and mobile phone, tablet and flatbed. What should you do? Use the concept of PC Digital Skin.  It is a compact size PC tablet combined with mobile phone into one body. They are stored in one portable zipper pouch. The pouch is covered with the special lizard skin which functions as a keyboard. The interface of keyboard is camouflaged in natural pattern. It is fusion of portability design and digital symbol. PC Digital Skin works as laptop when they combine with keyboard pouch, or you can use them individually as tablet, pc, and mobile phone. They are perfect digital Trinity. They transmit each other by wireless bluetooth technology. They perform seamless data fusion easily. The comfort and smartness make you fun in any scene your daily computing. Specifications: PC tablet multi touch panel: 200mm x 125mm x 8mm // mobilephone: 125mm x 45mm x 8mm // keybad pouch d: 260mm x 145mm x 13mm . Do you like this concept?  Future technology Concept PC Digital Skin

Designer Sono Mocci from Japan Future technology Concept PC Digital Skin Future technology Concept PC Digital Skin

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