Concept of VR-keyboard

Concept of VR-keyboard

Logitech is preparing for a fast virtual reality boom. And already developed a device that simulates a virtual keyboard. The complete set includes the gaming keyboard Logitech G, motion sensor and software Bridge SDK. At the moment, the development is at the prototype stage.
The keyboard is installed on the desk, a controller is attached to its corner, which communicates the position of the device in the real world to the tracker of the VR-helmet HTC Vive. The model is designed in such a way as to maximize approximate the experience of use to the real world. As a result, the user, without removing the VR-gadget, will be able to see his own hands.
The idea is to send a copy of the real keyboard to the virtual world. To do this, you need a disk-motion sensor Vive Tracker, a Logitech G series keyboard and an accessory-mediator. By connecting the motion sensor to the physical keyboard, in the virtual reality, the user sees a full three-dimensional copy of the keyboard, which will be in the same place as the real one.
This will allow using VR not only as a game space, but also as a desktop replacement. In this case, the virtual keyboard is fully customizable, it can specify “hot keys”, change the markup and so on.
Unfortunately,this technology works only for keyboards of quite specific model, and at the moment is rather a concept. However, if the idea “takes off”, you should expect a heap of Chinese replicas.Future technology Concept of VR-keyboard

  Future technology Concept of VR-keyboard

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