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Concept of virtual roof for the metro

Concept of virtual roof for the metro

Those who often rides the subway, know that in fact it is boring and mundane process. But soon the train for the metro can be equipped with a virtual screen that will display a sky, creating a sense of presence. The concept of "virtual roof" uses a flexible electrophoretic e-paper. A paper is attached to the top of the cars, and will display the weather, sky and various buildings. Also well  can be seen advertising the various events and specific information about each station. The system is controlled via a PC, which is installed in each car, and with the help of Wi-Fi information is always updated. Anyone can pay to have their ads show up in cars. Future technology concept of virtual roof

Animation ceiling can bring more light and just a good mood in the boring movement in the metro. A man goes to work in the morning, not in the best frame of mind, but looking at the ceiling – he can just smile and a bit of cheer yourself up. And there’s nothing wrong with that, there may be advertising. The main thing is that it is unobtrusive and clever.
British designer Matt Batchelor  Future technology concept of virtual roof

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