Concept of smart bike

Concept of smart bike

Samsung has always been famous for a wide range of branded products. The company produces not only a bunch of mobile phones, but also a bunch of very different products. For example,if Google is seriously interested in cars, that the Korean manufacturer has now told about the original project the “smart” bike.
Connected to the smart bike the mobile device allows the user to manage intellectual functions of the vehicle. Developers equipped bike the modules Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, digital camera and laser projectors. To all of this work, the battery is also provided. In the motion in bicycle provides a classic way – by using the pedals.
Built into the design of bicycle laser projectors are responsible for creating original bike paths. Since laser beams interact with the ambient light sensor on your phone, they can turn on automatically when it gets dark outside, or in the case of poor lighting.
In the back of the bike mounted camera that result in synchronization with a smartphone can serve as  rearview mirror. The frame of the vehicle created by the designer, together with Giovanni Pelitsoli bicycles, is made of aluminum tubes which are supposed to be able to counteract the vibration in the road. Samsung has not yet reported on the plans or release dates smart bike on the commercial market. Unfortunately, this project is only Samsung concept. Future technology Concept of smart bike

 Future technology Concept of smart bike Future technology Concept of smart bike Future technology Concept of smart bike

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