Concept of robot hologram

Concept of robot hologram

Agree, very nice to go home, when you know, that you are there someone waiting. Most people give birth for purposes such pets. In *extremely severe cases* – a family with children. You come home, and you are happy. But in Japan not do in a simple way, without high tech. So the advanced Japanese, crossing the threshold. meet with robot-hologram. And the nice girl in combination.
The Japanese are known for their passion for technology. And still a certain degree of secrecy, stiffness in communication. Not without reason in Japan every year at the state level recorded tens of hundreds of thousands of young people who refuse from social life for the sake of self-imposed isolation in his own apartment, a cozy and safe. And it is not surprising,that this is where there has its first home robot-hologram, which will relieve loneliness, and will help with household chores.
The Japanese company Vinclu Inc introduced the concept of a robot-assistant Gatebox. His primary duty – to entertain the owner and help him with the small household chores. Smart hologram can on command include various equipment and lighting in the home, reminding about important matters, to wake in the morning, and at the same time and keep the conversation going with home, responding to changes in the mood of the hosts. And even make compliments. Future technology Concept of robot hologram

Indeed, in the future Gatebox becomes the present a managing of “smart” homes.
This robot-assistant looks as anime girl with a baby voice and in short skirt. These  cuties have a name – Hikari Azuma. It is a pity that it is – just a three-dimensional hologram, locked in a glass cylinder. Indeed, many will want to hug a girl with such a pretty face and sweet temper. Especially after she “cook” the coffee in the morning and make a compliment to a morning hairstyle of his master.
While Apple thinking about,how to make Siri even for a couple of bytes more human, the Japanese are working on an assistant, who not only determines the weather, but erases linen and supports meaningful conversation. Especially and  looks nice. It seems that soon robots will join fully in our life. Future technology Concept of robot hologram Future technology Concept of robot hologram Future technology Concept of robot hologram Future technology Concept of robot hologram Future technology Concept of robot hologram
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