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Concept of prototype of the Robot Patrol

Concept of prototype of the Robot Patrol

Specialists-developers want to completely replace patrol policemen with robots. This project is very large-scale and has already received the name O-R3 Security. According to the developers, this device will work more efficiently, than people-policemen, as for various reasons they can make mistakes.
The patrol robot will be equipped with a very powerful processor, through which it will be able to analyze a huge amount of information immediately. Information will be extracted using a large number of sensors. The robot will use cameras, sensors, a thermal imager, as well as face recognition technology and signs. He will also receive information obtained with the help of drones. After analyzing all this together, the robot can quickly react and prevent the crime. The device will remind Smart drone.
According to the developers, their device will like the police and it will be used to patrol the streets. Such robots will not only work more efficiently than people do, but they themselves will suffer less.Future technology Concept of prototype of the Robot Patrol
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