Concept of modular iPhone 8

Concept of modular iPhone 8

Here a new vision of the future flagship iPhone 8, the modular concept of the smartphone from Apple. This layout is based on the idea, and that the iPhone will serve you more than ten years.
It is modular, the indestructible phone, which is capable of operating for decades, thanks to the possibility of replacing the relevant components. On the back side of the device have the main camera with dual lens and single LED flash. Pictured iPhone has the frameless screen with plastic cutouts, although they are very small.
In result turned a reliable and durable phone, made of recycled materials. It offers a removable battery, internal memory, camera and even the processor. iPhone 8  is also equipped with wireless charging, waterproof housing and AMOLED-display. Smarfon is available in three different versions of the display size of 4 inches, 4.7 and 5.5 inches. The unit comes with wireless headphones that use Bluetooth technology. Just as the telephone,they can have charge wirelessly. Future technology Concept of modular iPhone 8

Designer Andrew Fox Future technology Concept of modular iPhone 8 Future technology Concept of modular iPhone 8

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