Concept of Mirror NShow 3D

Concept of Mirror NShow 3D

Buying clothes can be one of the most painful sensitive processes in the world. At least, for men so accurately. Especially on weekends, when people are in the stores are always a lot, and further have all survive in fitting, to measure up something, that not yet fit. But the digital technology Rescue. Magical Mirror NShow 3D is the large high-resolution screen, created in the form of a floor mirror. The mirror will help try a customer on different clothes quickly and easily, without fighting with lots of zippers and buttons.
The system includes a computer, a camera and a few “smart” programs, that respond to hand gestures, giving the buyer a full 3D-control over his own choice of clothes. Catalog clothes loaded and adjusted the store personnel, that is, the range can be constantly updated. Instead of typing a pile of different clothes and stand with him in the dressing room, now, using a wave of a pair of hands, can try on and even buy clothes without any problems. Instant purchase is carried out using a smartphone by simply scanning a QR-barcode of product.
Mirror works identically on both the men’s and women’s clothing, and manage them easily. One of the key features of the program – the ability to display clothes in 3D, it is possible to spin, spin, bend over, and at the same time see yourself from all angles, not just the front. Very impressive.
So far the system is not perfect, and sometimes may show strange results, but refinement – is a matter of time. A result is still staggering.Future technology Concept of Mirror NShow 3D

 Future technology Concept of Mirror NShow 3D

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