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Concept of keyboard DisplayCover

Concept of keyboard DisplayCover

Microsoft has unveiled of public a prototype the keyboard DisplayCover with the touch E-Ink display above the buttons. This keyboard for tablets, which would be a notebook, but can not because of the absence of the module in the package. Novelty endowed with a large screen on the basis of electronic ink, which significantly extends the capabilities of mobile PCs and contribute to low power consumption.
A working prototype of Microsoft DisplayCover already presented to the public. Its screen E-Ink has permission 1280h305 pixels and allows you to quickly and easily launch frequently used programs. In addition, the screen is adapted to the currently active application, ie, if the tablet is running on the screen, for example, “Photoshop”, but in a mini-display shows all the elements of its interface. Small screen in Microsoft DisplayCover can also be used to navigate through folders, and it supports a stylus, so you can not touch it with your fingers. Very comfortably. Of course, it would be possible to put a regular LCD screen, but it consumes too much energy, and battery life of the tablet would be greatly reduced. But E-Ink screens economical – no wonder that e-books can run for months. Microsoft DisplayCover yet is the prototype. As for prospects of serial production is too early to say.Future technology Concept of keyboard DisplayCover

 Future technology Concept of keyboard DisplayCoverFuture technology Concept of keyboard DisplayCover Future technology Concept of keyboard DisplayCover   Future technology Concept of keyboard DisplayCover

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