Concept of high-tech ship

Concept of high-tech ship

The Royal Navy of Great Britain has developed the concept of the ship of the future – using the latest technology, remote control, high-speed guns and a crew of 50 people. Furthermore, the hull can become virtually invisible, and resembles a ship from “Star Wars.”
Aircraft of the Royal Army has replaced the remote-controlled drones, and now the British military undertook the technological equipment of the fleet. The new ship was called “Dreadnought 2050», suggesting its launch 35 years. Them can manage only five sailors sitting at screens like for game console. And the whole crew can leave only 50 people instead of the 200 that are needed today for the ship of this size.
Above concept with a British military work the leading companies of electronic systems. The design includes a new control room, allowing commanders to focus on certain areas and the threat of thousands of kilometers away, at any depth and any height – with the help of 3D-holograms.Future technology Concept of high-tech ship

Dreadnought 2050 is equipped with a weapon, shooting at the speed of light, ultra-strong acrylic body with a coating of graphene (a form of carbon), which allows him to become invisible to the naked eye. The bow will also be electromagnetic guns, capable of firing projectiles at the same distance as the modern long-range missiles.
The triple hull design will allow the ship to go at high speed, and is equipped with a special dock for the deployment of amphibious missions and run underwater drones for mine detection. On top, there are flight deck and hangar for remotely piloted drones, including with weapons. Future technology Concept of high-tech ship Future technology Concept of high-tech ship Future technology Concept of high-tech ship
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