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Concept of futuristic stroller

Concept of futuristic stroller

Designer introduced the innovative stroller that looks more like a motorcycle or a spacecraft. Model Strollever equipped the headlights, UV protection and the gyro suspension system – a feature that allows a child is located always in the same position, for whatever potholes or slopes are not riding stroller. Baby strollers are all less similar to something childlike and fun, and more on high-tech sports equipment. So, were models with LCD screens, built-in charger for the phone.
But the new stroller is ready to compete with all the predecessors. In addition to the futuristic design, it has many innovative features. So, thanks to the gyro suspension system, it always returns to its original upright position, and the child does not feel the vibration or oscillation,for whatever the road not traveled wheels. To do this, still use special sensors on the wheels, which define the terrain and automatically adjust the suspension. Special windshield can not just close the wind, but also the best protection against UV. There is storage space, and even lights for illumination. To illuminate headlights a wheelchair should be charged  from the electricity network.Future technology Concept of futuristic stroller

Designer Kim HayonseokFuture technology Concept of futuristic stroller Future technology Concept of futuristic strollerFuture technology Concept of futuristic stroller

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