Concept of flexible plate

Concept of flexible plate

Today’s the conceptual novelty, project PC Pandora. This is a good demonstration of what can give us the flexible displays in the foreseeable future. The technology, which was recently demonstrated in several prototype Samsung smartphone, in this case applied  in a more large-scale device. Case 9 mm thick can be folded in half for transportation, or at a right angle, which allows the use of one half of a touch pad.
The design of Pandora use flexible displays, as well as a flexible battery, working together with a more conventional SSD. Internal components are divided between the two halves of the housing. In addition, the central element of the PCB also placed on a flexible basis.  Future technology Concept of flexible plate

PC Pandora is a cross between a laptop and desktop. The device is equipped with two displays: 13 -, and 21.6 inch. The first is located on the inside of the body and an aspect ratio of 3:4. This screen is active when the computer is used for the laptop. In turn, the second display with 16:9  completely works,when the computer deployed, or half, when the housing is mounted and erected vertically. Thus the novelty acts as a widescreen TV and the monoblock touch desktop, regardless of what kind of functionality you want from it.
Designer: Jeabyun Yeon   Future technology Concept of flexible plate Future technology Concept of flexible plate Future technology Concept of flexible plate

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