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Concept of flexible display for Xiaomi smartphone

Concept of flexible display for Xiaomi smartphone

There are all prerequisites to say that we are on the eve of an era of flexible displays. And it is not only those that are bent at the edges, and those,that will create flexible smartphones, bracelets or even fold them in half.
The advantages of such screens are obvious: due to the possibility to roll a display, in any gadget you can set the display that is larger than the size of the device. Actually this is the solution, especially for smartphones and PCs. Flexible screen IT industry has long been dreaming, but the labor intensity, high cost and not the perfection of technology is still serious obstacles to the mass exit decisions.
Discussions on the availability of flexible smartphones underway for years. From time to time on individual presentations or specialized exhibitions the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic devices show us their know-how, but until now no one dared to run his achievement in the final commercial product format. We, the users, and, at the same time, the audience of this race,We are not surprised, but wonder: “And who will be the first – Samsung, LG, Lenovo and Xiaomi?” Last mentioned in the list of manufacturer also decided to participate in the “race” – the vast Chinese network Baidu showed not only the pictures (still like them, many would not have believed, taking the fake), but also video, which depicted the user interaction with the interface MIUI 8 flat and curved state prototype.
Product specifications are still unknown. Perhaps in the near future from the company Xiaomi follow explanations, but expect a reliable finished product  even in the next year is not worth it. One of the main problems with such flexible panels that at the moment of their manufacturing costs are not cheap compared with planar counterparts. Another important point – the life expectancy and brittle with frequent bending. Finally, the important components such as the battery may not exhibit the same flexibility as the display. But maybe by the end of this decade, manufacturers will be able to overcome the complexity of the issue and release bendable / curl / flexible smartphones, tablets, TVs, and so on.Future btechnology Concept of flexible display for Xiaomi smartphone

 Future btechnology Concept of flexible display for Xiaomi smartphone  Future btechnology Concept of flexible display for Xiaomi smartphone

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