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Concept of cream for tattoo removal

Concept of cream for tattoo removal

People’s tastes are constantly changing,so the tattoo,which was made in his youth,after several years,may not like her owner. And what to do with those whose tattoos were done a artists badly or just stupidity? Laser tattoo removal – the process is very expensive, painful and requires multiple sessions to achieve tangible effect, as well as an extended follow-up treatment, but even in this case there is no guarantee that the skin will not have any traces of tattoos or scars. Scientists from Canada are working on an innovative way to remove tattoos without the use of a laser.
What, if the sale will go a cream,that will be able to save thousands of people from butterflies on their back or from names of ex-girlfriends on the forearm?  Graduate student from Dalhousie University in Canada is engaged in research, able to be the salvation for those people that bitterly learned the true meaning of hieroglyphs inscribed on their bodies.Future technology Concept of cream for tattoo removal

The technology is called “Bisfonantnoe lipsomalnoe removal tattoo.” It comes in the form of a cream that is applied to the skin fragment decorated with a pattern. It affects white blood cells, called macrophages, which are some of the “eat” pigment ink, thereby fixing the tattoo on the body, and others to get rid of excess pigment through lymph nodes. Cream makes macrophages “eat” old image and withdraw the remaining pigment, whereby the tattoo disappears.
A developer of technology said, that to date, the cream has been successfully tested on the tattooed ears of pigs, and we should expect the maximum effect of its impact on the cutaneous picture, whose age is two years. Presented cream should be an alternative to painful procedures to get rid of “mistakes of youth.”
They are convinced,that sooner or later they will be able to release his invention on  market,where his has been waiting for millions of people. Future technology Concept of cream for tattoo removal
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