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Concept of "city of the future"

Concept of "city of the future"

Ford has introduced the concept of service delivery «Autolivery», which will use the drones and unmanned vehicles.
It is assumed that the unmanned electric vehicles will be transported from vendors to customers in the cities of everything – from food to urgent medicines. Drones will used at the final stage of delivery, such as delivery to the upper floors of high-rise buildings, the absence of its parking or insecurity.
With using virtual reality technology has been demonstrated,as the family orders food for dinner and gets them through the kitchen window even when the necessary ingredients to add to the dish.
This idea will help vendors to solve the problem of the last section of the path of the goods to the consumer – the so-called “last mile problem”. This segment is considered the most difficult to automate, which conditions the growth of online trading is essential.
    “AutoShip will make life easier in the big city – the developers say. – Ability to combine the electric vehicles with the unmanned drones and easily send and deliver a parcel will make life better for everyone. “
The “City of the Future”, developed by the specialists of the Ford, involves not only get rid of traffic jams and air pollution. In the future, the road can be made green areas, that will be beneficial for human health. “So far it looks impossible, but our project could be the first step in this direction”, – said vice-president of Ford Ken Washington.Future technology Concept of "city of the future"

 Future technology Concept of "city of the future"

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