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Concept of city bus of the future

Concept of city bus of the future

Weltpremiere: Mercedes-Benz Future Bus mit CityPilot – Meilenstein auf dem Weg zum autonom fahrenden Stadtbus

In Amsterdam,took the premiere of Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot with semi-autonomous driving system. The so-called a bus of the future is based on the proven platform of Mercedes-Benz Citaro and is equipped with 299-hp six-cylinder diesel engine, the relevant standard of “Euro-4”.
As for the design of Mercedes-Benz Future Bus, it is created from scratch, and is a combination of form and function. Developers have used a huge amount of non-standard solutions for city buses: in the bus no conventional doors around the cockpit and behind the rear axle – their place was taken by the double doors of increased width between the axles. To expedite passenger flows, doors were designated as luminous bands on the outer side: green – input and the red – output.
The work of the new system has been demonstrated to Europe’s longest line of the bus rapid transit BRT,length of 20 km. The system includes a dozen cameras and sensors, and the ability to analyze the GPS data. CityPilot able to recognize obstacles and pedestrians on the road, stop at bus stops and traffic lights and open and close doors. The maximum speed,when when incorporated system is 70 km / h.Future technology Concept of city bus of the future

 Future technology Concept of city bus of the future

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