Concept of bus future

Concept of bus future

One of the most common problems densely populated megacities are traffic jams. To combat them, the authorities sometimes go to extreme measures, such as introducing road fees for travel or limiting the amount entering the city limits of machinery. However, the Chinese authorities intend to launch another element of the struggle,which is before them no one has yet applied. Transit Elevated Bus – is a rail bus, which will transport passengers moving on the main road with the flow of cars. This concept has been proposed six years ago, but was never brought to life. Now, however, there is every chance of being realized.
According to project chief engineer Bai Tsuminya, TEB will be able to accommodate approximately 1.2 thousand people and their functionality will not yield to the metro and monorail, but on assembling a bus of the future will require less time and money. All the necessary a construction and and ways can build  in just a single year. Himself bus get wide 7.8 meters, height of 4.6 meters and a length of 32 meters. The first launch of Transit Elevated Bus has been planned for this year in the Chinese city of Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province.Future technology Concept of bus future

 Future technology Concept of bus future  Future technology Concept of bus future Future technology Concept of bus future Future technology Concept of bus future

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  • keiron license

    June 10th, 2016 at 2:27 pm

    concept of bus over cars look awesome and would like it in the UK

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