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Concept of a smartphone MorePhone

Concept of a smartphone MorePhone

Almost every month in the market there are new models of smartphones. Every year they acquire become more and more functions, replacing all other devices.
To draw the user’s attention to a range of reminders and notifications, application developers for today’s smartphones and tablets are coming up with a variety of ways, which are reduced to combinations of light and sound alarm, which, incidentally, has already become quite commonplace. And here’s a device that can change its shape depending on the situation, may surprise anyone.
In the Canadian Laboratory Human Media Lab developed a unique smartphone  MorePhone, able change their own shape. In a ball, he certainly would not turn, and something else, will not be a three-dimensional, but bent at different angles it is quite in able. Such an unusual way he tells of incoming call or message.Future technology Concept of a smartphone MorePhone

MorePhone concept is based on the monochrome electrophoretic display from company Plastic Logic. The smartphone uses a special alloy with shape memory and the user can assign to certain traffic specific notation . For example, when receiving SMS-message will bend only the upper right corner and the lower left corner change their shape only when will a new message by email.
True, looks MorePhone not quite modern and more like a painted on paper flattened iPhone, but it’s just a prototype. No one ever said that the final version of the gadget will get exactly the same design – important developers show, how it works, no more. In general, the idea MorePhone very, very interesting – so far, none of the manufacturers of mobile electronics not thought about such. Samsung, recall, creates a flexible display, but it is quite another.
Developers MorePhone believe that smart phones with variable shape of the hull hit the market over the next ten years. And this would be a very attractive design, which opens up new opportunities in many areas. For example, there will be new applications and games that use a functional design. Well, for now, MorePhone not gone on sale, you can play the old fashioned way.Future technology Concept of a smartphone MorePhone  Future technology Concept of a smartphone MorePhone  Future technology Concept of a smartphone MorePhone   Future technology Concept of a smartphone MorePhone

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