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Concept of a futuristic truck

Concept of a futuristic truck

Semi-trucks – it’s probably not what you think when you imagine the world of the future. They are square, noisy and quite pale in appearance. In general, nothing special . But here comes a creative designer and changes everything dramatically. This a new design semi-trucks of the future. Turan – an ultra – futuristic truck that uses modern technology,
His radical new design begins with "reasonable" windshield. It will display a variety of information ranging from weather and fuel consumption , and finishing tolerances for weight and height clearance on open racks . The information is displayed on all windshield ,providing the driver to good visibility on the road.
One can assume, that the driver with the screen does not need in smartphones and tablets. All this screen replaces . And on this truck is not difficult to find a driver. Who would refuse such a luxury? Special attention should be paid to the driver’s seat. It will be something between the captain’s chair from Star Trek , and chair of the movie series "Aliens ." Chair is connected to the steering wheel , allowing yourself to feel the pilot of the plane , then have full control over the road. Also there are two displays on adjustable armrests , a couple of sensors and even a cup holder (where the same without it).Future technology Concept of a futuristic truck

The concept includes a parking assistance system , lightweight composite trailer and a little crazy, colubrine aerodynamic design . A designer also not forgotten to add the diesel engine, that can significantly reduce the fuel costs. Well, it’s really stunningly. But while this is only a concept , and what is the reality of semi-trucks will be hard to say. Although the idea can not go unnoticed.
Designer: Ehsan Parandin  Future technology Concept of a futuristic truck Future technology Concept of a futuristic truck        

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