Concept of a flexible laptop

Concept of a flexible laptop

Lenovo shared its vision of how portable computers may look in the future. Representatives of the Chinese company see them as flexible and frameless.
The company introduced the concept of the flexible portable laptop. It is reported that the laptop itself is not yet created, it’s just an idea for future developments in a futuristic style.
Representatives of the corporation showed the general public a bendable laptop with a screen that can enter the keyboard panel. This trick allows you to bend the device in all directions, and with it, according to the manufacturer’s assurances, nothing will happen.
Developers also argue that when working with a new laptop, information can be entered in three ways: using the light stylus, voice and touch screen. Also, it will be possible to connect a conventional keyboard with a touch panel. Lenovo believes that in the future laptop computers must constantly maintain an Internet connection. Various kinds of wireless communication and cellular connection can be used for this.
Since this is just an idea from developers, the date of release of the new laptop remains unknown.Future technology Concept of a flexible laptop

 Future technology Concept of a flexible laptop

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