Concept Nokia HG-1 Phone!

Concept Nokia HG-1 Phone!

My Dream  Concept Nokia HG-1 Phone, which will give consumers the flexibility to choose from three operating systems, even this handset will make you taste enigmatic qualities. It is a pretty ‘out-there’. On profile it has the shape of an hour glass, thicker at the top and bottom with a slim, see through glass screen in the middle. This glass becomes either semi transparent or completely opaque. It has pressure sensitive sidebars to replace normal navigation buttons and three microUSB ports.   Future technology Concept Nokia HG-1 Phone

Given the thickness of the mini-HDMI, the ends could be no more than 10mm, even 8mm, putting the middle at about 3-4mm. The main part has been crafted from glass and lends impressive looks. It either becomes semi-transparent or opaque, depending on the requirements. The navigation buttons of this handset will be swapped by pressure sensitive sidebars for a better experience.  The phone has a life-like screen, which will make it an apt desk/shelf gadget. Nokia HG-1 with such breathtaking looks will definitely win many hearts. Future technology Concept Nokia HG-1 Phone

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