Concept Muscular Mobile

Concept Muscular Mobile

Day by day, smartphones are getting thinner. Already, some have difficulty picking up the smartphone from the table. Here comes to the rescue … Korean designer who invented the concept of "muscular" smartphone.
Designer Youngkwang Cho presented an unusual concept phone, which alerts the user of the call not only a sound and vibration, but and change shape. This is achieved through the special design of inlaid shell. It also helps to bend more ergonomic held in the hand. Bending the body also contributes to the retention of ergonomic phone in his hand.
"What is the "muscular "of this concept?" – You ask. Ooooh, joke that the unit during calls "pushed" from the surface, and his easy to take in hand. To hang up, or just go to sleep mode, press it on the table to "smooth" state. To heighten the fun is not enough bouncing, so you can grab your smartphone on the fly, as it once did with toasts,  that suddenly jumped out of the toaster. Future technology Concept Muscular Mobile

Designer Youngkwang Cho Future technology Concept Muscular MobileFuture technology Concept Muscular Mobile   Future technology Concept Muscular Mobile Future technology Concept Muscular Mobile Future technology Concept Muscular Mobile

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