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Concept motorcycle with artificial intelligence

Concept motorcycle with artificial intelligence

The famous Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki shared with the public the plans for the future. These plans include the creation of a voice assistant with artificial intelligence, which will interact with the rider and the motorcycle itself. Simply put, to create a motorcycle with personality.
With the help of technology, which is developing a team of Cocoro SB corp., The Kawasaki motorcycles of the future will be able to conduct a dialogue with the motorcyclist, change settings, user emotions to recognize and develop their own personality, which will try to match the psycho-emotional state of the owner.
The idea of ​​developers,connected to the Internet the motorcycle will have a permanent connection to connect to cloud storage Kawasaki database,  computer of motorcycle will be able to offer different solutions to the pilot on the go. It is not only about the trivial a route With the Navigator and avoid traffic jams, but also about the solutions in other situations involving motorcycle performance. For example, to achieve a variety of goals at minimum cost. As an example, safe journey, in which the computer will prompt the pilot to the tempo, to report the presence of gas stations on the way to calculate the time taking into account the real traffic and weather situation – this is one of the easiest options, which are already used in navigation, though without binding to a specific motorcycle and pilot.
Depending,from the owner of the level of training, the motorcycle will suggest some solutions, acting as a coach.Future technology Concept motorcycle with artificial intelligence

Thus, Kawasaki’s plans to create in the near future the secure “smart” motorcycles, which should minimize the accident driving. However, it is not clear, this will happen in the vein of recommendation, or in some kind of remote control mode with the help of artificial intelligence and on the basis of the available data on the rules of movement in a given country.
This philosophy called Kawasaki RIDEOLOGY: motorcycle – not as a piece of iron, and as a multifunctional online tool in the hands of the pilot. But before you try to quickly equip new motorcycles this technology should approach this with the utmost seriousness. Although, the company, that produces some of the best motorcycle in the world,is hardly possible to catch in thoughtlessness. Let’s see what happens.Future technology Concept motorcycle with artificial intelligence  Future technology Concept motorcycle with artificial intelligence Future technology Concept motorcycle with artificial intelligence
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