Concept Modular smartphone

Concept Modular smartphone

Motorola has announced the development of the project Ara , by which the world will get the modular smartphones . Modular smartphones can give the ability to replace various components of the device by selecting the most suiting components to deliver the expected results. In other words, we will be able to collect yourself a smartphone that will have the features necessary to us as a designer .
The project is for the Android platform because of the openness and popularity in the world. According to the draft Ara , which is similar to the idea of ​​Phoneblock, which was announced some time ago , a variety of companies will be able to create separate modules for smartphones. Motorola will work with developers and Phoneblock joint efforts of engineers and experience Motorola, we will be able to get exactly the smartphone that users will approach the most. What awaits us ahead of time will tell.Future technology Concept Modular smartphone

 Future technology Concept Modular smartphone Future technology Concept Modular smartphone

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