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Concept Modular mobile phone.

Concept Modular mobile phone.

Modu is a mobile phone with modular features both in software and hardware.  The Modu Modular Mobile Phone concept  looks to remedy problem with an innovative idea that would allow users to fully-upgrade their phones as they please. The fully-customizable Modu mobile phone is made of three distinct parts that are fully separable. The LCD display that fronts the phone forms the first layer of the phone’s body can be easily detached and replaced with a new screen in case it is broken and cannot be repaired. If the user wants to get a screen with a better resolution or upgrade the touch-capacity of their phone, they would simply need to detach the screen from the phone and replace it with a new screen without having to give up the functionality of their old phone and the data saved in it. Future technology Concept Modular mobile phone

Similarly, the second layer of the modular phone would be comprised of an aluminum-bodied section that would basically connect the phone to its accessories and also connect the processing unit and the screen together. This section would have the control buttons on its sides and the headphone, charger and USB inputs on the bottom side of it. The third segment of the phone would house the processing unit, the memory, the camera, the speakers and all the other essential hardware in it. The fully-customizable unit will feature removable units for separate upgradeable units like the camera, the processor and the speaker, etc., and should the user wish to upgrade any one of these parts, they would be able to do so by simply removing that particular unit from the module and replacing them with a new one.
Netherlands-based designer Aris Stathis   Future technology Concept Modular mobile phone Future technology Concept Modular mobile phone Future technology Concept Modular mobile phone

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