Concept kitchen of future

Concept kitchen of future

The kitchen of the future will have a smart surface that recognizes all that is put on it. Above the table is a projector,that projects onto the work surface recipes and tips on cooking. So,according to designers Ikea and Ideo, a kitchen will look in 2025. Smart surface knows,that you will prepare and can be used as plates, cutting board, dining table or interactive screen for gaming. Projectors and sensors detect objects on the table, guessing the desire of users and customizing the interface accordingly. With the projector can also carry the children’s drawings from the album on a table.
No matter where you put the pot or pan. Table,which yet exists only as a concept, is able to warm up any space on the work surface,suggest suitable recipes and calculate the cooking time. The system recognizes the ingredients on a cutting board and tells you what to do next. Image becomes a visual instruction on the preparation of each ingredient. On table are also integrated measurement tools that will help keep the right proportions. The system interacts with mobile devices through a special application, which contains numerous recipes. The program can also share recipes with friends.Future technology Concept kitchen of future

Table automatically recognizes the pan and heat the contents to the desired temperature, which is projected onto the cover. Heat plates can be used to maintain of cup with a drink in the hot state. Cooking surface may also be used for charging mobile wireless devices by electromagnetic induction. IKEA believes,that by 2025 food items we will deliver in home a drones and the autonomous vehicles. Future technologies will enable people to save energy and create less food waste. Interestingly,so it will be or it just a dream? Future technology Concept kitchen of future  Future technology Concept kitchen of futureFuture technology Concept kitchen of future

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