Concept Kitchen InFold

Concept Kitchen InFold

Designers create functional and quite unusual at the same time, compact kitchen, designed for small apartments. Presented at the contest Electrolux Design Lab Competition concept kitchen InFold attracted no little attention as a modern interior. The developer of the concept of modular kitchen wall is Ciprian Frunzeanu. Kitchen InFold mounted to the wall, folded kitchen does not take much space. When the kitchen is not used, it is just a decoration of the walls. If you need equipment, sink, table, chairs can be expanded. Modular kitchen InFold provides even the presence of a number of shelves that can be used for flower pots or other purposes. As soon as no longer necessary to use the kitchen chairs, table, etc. consist of the entire length of the vertical wall. Future technology InFold Kitchen Concept

LED backlighting allows you to change the appearance of the kitchen, or rather to change the highlight color such as red, yellow, purple or blue. In general, the concept of food InFold looks interesting, but not everyone will like the idea of ​​constantly folding and unfolding the kitchen, and will do so for at least 3 times a day.  Future technology InFold Kitchen Concept    Future technology InFold Kitchen ConceptFuture technology InFold Kitchen ConceptFuture technology InFold Kitchen Concept

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