Concept jetpacks 2016

Concept jetpacks 2016

Since childhood dreamed about jetpacks? Now, buy this and go up into the air – not fiction. Martin Aircraft Company announced the launch of the first flying backpacks in the second half of 2016. However, the cost of the device is not low. However, this system really flies (unlike many similar inventions). If  believe the authors of the project, to create a commercial version of Martin Aircraft Jetpack gone 35 years.
Basis the backpack – two ducted fans powered by a powerful engine in 200 horsepower. The fuel system utilizes gasoline. Carrying capacity is 120 kg. As for speed, it reaches 74 km / h. Ceiling height – 1000 m. In this mode, the machine flies about half an hour. Then it needs refueling.Future technology Concept jetpacks 2016

The device was developed with the goal of becoming the easiest to manage: backpack control using only two joystick and a touchscreen. The interesting point:  novelty no is positioned as entertainment for wealthy clients. First and foremost it is designed for the emergency services. Owner backpack easy access to where the helicopter will not sit down and not pass the ambulance.Future technology Concept jetpacks 2016Future technology Concept jetpacks 2016   Future technology Concept jetpacks 2016 Future technology Concept jetpacks 2016
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