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Concept is very thin iPhone Air

Concept is very thin iPhone Air

Chief designer Apple Jony Ive said that all branded products should have a single image and move within a single marketing strategy . This means, that within a year the American manufacturer can be refined a name mobile phone and to name its iPhone Air. Of course, in more slimmer and graceful the body .
Smartphone retained scanner fingerprint Touch ID. Around the perimeter of the housing a designer let monolithic nickel-plated frame, a little more stylish, than the new iPad mini and iPhone 5s. Attractive appearance is provided by radically rounded corners. Diagonal of display iPhone Air rose to the level of 4.5 or even 5.0 inches. Apple should have done long ago a smartphone larger.Future technology Concept is very thin iPhone Air

Federico Ciccarese,author of the concept iPhone Air, also pointed to the clarity of the Retina class,which could mean a display resolution up to full HD, this is quite enough for any purpose. Camera saved an 8- megapixel resolution. The manufacturer has made an emphasis on quality, not quantity. It’s more efficient clean sensor and more advanced optics . And yes, would not prevent internal drive to 128 GB. Future technology Concept is very thin iPhone Air

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