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Concept iPhone Home Retro Futuristic

Concept iPhone Home Retro Futuristic

The idea of an classic phone for home without a sim card, but with all features of an modern iPhone or iPod Touch. These a modern phone with old known optical properties which shows that it belongs to the home.
Dubbed the iPhone Home, the handset keeps the nifty screen of the iPhone, but adds the huge earpiece at the top and a base that’s used to charge the phone and possibly transmit data to it. The base also has its own call and reject call buttons and a big speaker included. There’s even a camera at the top of the receiver part, there’s also some videocalling cam somewhere for Full HD or why not Ultra HD videocalls?Concept iPhone Home Retro Futuristic

Designer Erkan Candar from Germany  iPhone-Home-fixed-phone-concept-4-768x768Concept iPhone Home Retro Futuristic  Concept iPhone Home Retro Futuristic

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