Concept Infinite Book

Concept Infinite Book

Every day we deal with print and electronic publications: books, newspapers, electronic versions of newspapers and magazines. Have considerable value, and alternative sources of information, forums and blogs – unless, of course, be able to share the truth and falsehood. It concept of the original tools for working with digital media designer. The device is called Infinite Book. Sooner or later, there had to be something similar, a kind of bridge between digital and analog worlds. This book is an infinite device consisting of two coupled flexible displays. This design allows you to browse through the e-book as well as the present, with each page displays tossing back. Very interesting and clever idea. Future technology Concept Infinite Book

Designer Ewald Neuhofer Future technology Concept Infinite Book Future technology Concept Infinite Book

Future touch screen technology
Innovation technologies
Electronic dictionary bookmark
Futuristic computer

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