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Concept – iCool by Alexey Dmitriev

Concept – iCool by Alexey Dmitriev

We are trying make our fridges more functional and more attractive by using magnets. Pretty soon touchscreens will be so cheap that it will be easy and inexpensive to make a screen of any size.

A regular refrigerator should have a touchscreen the size of its door. Nowadays it is fairly easy to put a computer into a refrigerator. Systems like Android or a special Apple program allows to put widgets on a fridge’s screen. Widgets are available for downloading or buying. The fridge will carry the name “iCool” or “CoolWidget”

concept Fridge

The screen turns on as soon as someone appears in the kitchen and it recognizes the individual using a special built-in camera. A fridge can and should interact with a person: it will make your favorite coffee, turn on a radio or TV, suggest a recipe, etc.
A user can leave a note or put a virtual magnet from Rome. It all depends on the imagination of the widget developers’ and a user

concept Fridge 2 Concept fridge

Innovative technology now
Future touch screen technology
The William – concept

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