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Concept HP Slate 21 – Android-desktop

Concept HP Slate 21 – Android-desktop

Market experts believe electronics, that mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, now can replacing the personal computers. In most cases, a exchange is obtained unequal, because the tablets rarely receive displays with a diagonal of more than 10 inches. One notable exception is a computer model HP Slate 21 AIO.
Hewlett Packard Company has announced the release of a new type of desktop all-in-one HP Slate 21, in which, unlike most other desktops, uses an operating system, a more usual for mobile devices – Google Android 4.2.2. It is difficult to argue, the device has a 21.5-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of Full HD, ie 1920×1080 pixels, the computer runs on a mobile platform NVIDIA Tegra 4 with a powerful quad-core processor and a more powerful 72-core graphics.Future technology Concept HP Slate 21 - Android-desktop

The operating system supports, of course, straight from the tin Google Android 4.2.2. Such a big screen, of course, will be useful for artists, of course, in the presence of the stylus and the appropriate software. And on the back of the HP Slate 21 AIO posted Foldable, through which screen can be placed on a horizontal surface at a comfortable angle of 30 degrees. The cost of a computer and its date to market is not specified.Future technology Concept HP Slate 21 - Android-desktop

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