Concept Honda CyberRace 2088

Concept Honda CyberRace 2088

This is something incredible!
Even if this concept will never see the light, the virtual robot car Honda CyberRace 2088, certainly deserves the attention of those who are not indifferent to speed, autodesign and science fiction. Detailing the project – impressive!
The project of Le Schiellour began with an analysis of how the racing cars of 2088 can look. He chose Japan as the country for the first such race and imagined a racing track located at an altitude of several tens of meters and connecting the roofs of neighboring buildings. This track is transparent, which allows viewers to watch the race from the bottom up.
As for the machine itself, the first thing that catches your eye is the six wheels, which at first glance seem square. However, the wheels are actually round. They are simply hidden behind the square arches and overlays.
As far as the year 2088 is concerned, there is no special need for the pilot. Thus, the profile of CyberRace is extremely low, and in the center of the car you will find a power unit that looks more like an enlarged computer chip. It is obvious that it is completely electric and gives out extraterrestrial figures of power and torque.Future technology Concept Honda CyberRace 2088

In general, the form is not too different from the prototype Roborace, which is currently in development. Of course we would like to continue to see behind the wheel of live racers, but with the development of autonomous technologies, the future of the race, which we know them now, is vague. If everything goes according to the unmanned scenario, the cars will really look something like this.
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