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Concept Hologram instead of traffic lighs

Concept Hologram instead of traffic lighs

Future cars will be faster, than today’s machines. Therefore, the transition road to humans will be even more dangerous. Of course there are traffic lights, but their should seen and not drive. Chinese designer has invented a new traffic light. His idea-hologram instead of the traffic light. A traffic light, which will not only notify alert signal, but also give the holographic projection.
Holographic projection will show pedestrians walking. Such traffic is much more efficient than conventional lights. Such a hologram appears as soon as the lights yellow light. Once lights red light, the hologram becomes red.
As soon as the light turns green, hologram disappears. Project author argues that even if the driver does not notice and cross the " barrier ", the hologram will not cause any harm to the car or the driver.

Chinese designer Hanyoung Lee 

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  • Dr Florence Divoric

    March 9th, 2016 at 4:01 am

    Your studies are unprofessional(shit) we have done a major research expedition, into laser technology relating with magnetic fields. When the magnetic forces are stronger such in the south of chile, the laser perform a biohazidust gamma molecule Na2S6 as a by product causing major health risks to the community.

    Dr Florence Divoric

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