Concept handcuffs future

Concept handcuffs future

What can you do with a man who’s already been handcuffed? Immediately come to mind are terrible stories of torture by the police, how are knocked out a confession. Admittedly, limb of the law, which violate all established procedures, show remarkable ingenuity in doing so. Now, professional engineers decided to help them.
Company Scottsdale Inventions LLC filed a patent application, which describes the new type handcuffs. They are equipped with built-in stun. In addition to the electrodes needed to send a discharge in the human body, handcuffs have built LED or sound modules. They signal that the shocker is charged, and at any time can work. They have a psychological effect and encourage the detainee to calm down. Future technology Concept handcuffs future

In addition, the patent application states that the handcuffs are also installed sensors for electrocardiogram to  not to overdo it with electric shocks. But the story does not end there. The document also states that "in order to achieve the desired result" in handcuffs may also establish additional modules with needles or gas.  Probably, have in mind  the drugs that are used in mental hospitals for restrain patients. Such are the innovation!  Do not even know, how to treat this?Future technology Concept handcuffs future

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