Concept Futuristic iPhone.

Concept Futuristic iPhone.

Dream and reality! Will it be in the near future. But really want to make this concept really became a reality. We have seen laser keyboards existing for a couple of years now, but sadly they were never a true solution for everyone due to their lack of precision. . What we have right here is a device with a holographic interface and what looks like a projector. Since Apple recently patented a pico projector and bought the domain, it’s only a matter of time till we’ll see iPhones with projectors inside and capable of projecting holograms for interface. Even if this is a dream at the moment, but iPhone 5 concept will be. Future technolofy Pocketnow-iPhone-5-Concept

Future technolofy Pocketnow-iPhone-5-Concept

Future technology
Flex Cellphone
Holographic Cellphone
iPhone 5 Concept Incorporates a Hologram Projector
iPhone of 2020?

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