Concept Fox Factory Speaker

Concept Fox Factory Speaker

The Fox Factory speaker was designed to address the potential hazards of mountain biking with music.
The Fox Factory speaker is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof to protect it from the elements and includes a secured charging port to eliminate charging issues found in other outdoor speakers. The speaker is also placed on the rider side of the handlebars so that it cannot be struck on a tree or the bike frame while riding. For quick stops to talk to friends and other riders the speaker is equipped with a pause button that is located beside the grip.
This concept speaker can be mounted to the handlebars in the same way grips are, which prevents movement in excessive vibration situations. By eliminating the ear bud the rider can now hear potential dangers on the trail as well as the users bike and adjust their speed accordingly. Flat tires are also a common occurrence in mountain biking and it is important to be able to hear a leak especially with tubeless tires so he/she can seal the leak. Durability of the speaker itself was a large initial concern and required placement and feature consideration. Future technology Concept Fox Factory Speaker

Designer Berkley Wilcox Future technology Concept Fox Factory Speaker Future technology Concept Fox Factory Speaker Future technology Concept Fox Factory Speaker

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