Concept flying mouse

Concept flying mouse

The Bat – a new concept of the studio KIBARDIN. The Bat – is the name given the levitating computer mouse, which deserves to work in a secret cave of the Dark Knight, that is Batman. However, the concept has not only aesthetic but also practical value.
When the user does not work with the mouse The Bat, mouse free soars at a height of about 4 inches above the surface of the table and retained by the magnetic fields. The user can, of course, press the mouse to the table, but for this  will take some effort. Only one weight arm, according to the authors, is not enough. Everything is done in order to protect the owners of personal computers from the so-called tunnel syndrome. Future technology Concept flying mouse

The carpal tunnel syndrome is due to several reasons, first is the hand that is constantly pressed against the surface of the table. Thus, when working with a mouse The Bat, the user’s hand is slightly raised above the table. Because of this potential for disease  reduced really. The only, pity is that in reality, such a device will cost a lot. Future technology Concept flying mouse  Future technology Concept flying mouse  Future technology Concept flying mouseFuture technology Concept flying mouse

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