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Concept flower cyborg, as an eternal battery

Concept flower cyborg, as an eternal battery

Linkoping University scientists have synthesized the first conductive liquid polymer that allows any flower to conduct electricity and thereby become an eternal battery. According to the developers, the material is absolutely non-toxic and does not harm the plant vessels.
The fact that the experiment was a success,became aware from the group led by Magnus Yonnsona in 2015. At that time, stem rose absorbed chemically inert substance called PEDOT and formed within itself “conductors” network. The researchers were able to turn it into a transistor, by connecting wires and gate to the plant.
Continuing his scientific research, Swedish experts have perfected the  solution PEDOT, allowing distributed the liquid conductor throughout the plant, and not remain only on the stem. In addition, the improved polymer has greater conductivity than PEDOT first generation. By connecting to the plant the small ionistor and shutter, specialists received of roses the original battery and recharged it can be up to several thousand times.  Wherein capacity and performance “accumulator” is not changed.Future technology Concept flower cyborg, as an eternal battery Capacity live battery is enough to provide power to the sensors that monitor environmental conditions. However,before the invention of the general public show, scientists will test a few live plants. Also, they will have to prove that the technology is harmless.
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