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Concept Flexible iPhone-bracelet

Concept Flexible iPhone-bracelet

Apple is trying to do everything possible to maintain the status of an innovative brand. This is very much possible , but truly revolutionary technology in the range of U.S. brand appear infrequently,perhaps,marketers do not foresee high demand on the futuristic solutions . Disadvantages of the real world , as always, are replenished worthy concepts.
The authors of the new work is a designers Degra Studio (Poland). In the external form the flexible transparent mobilephone can guess the iPhone with its unique interface. However, the creators of the concept chosen not to contact Apple and has given the name of a work X Phone. The smartphone boasts a crystal-clear flexible display, that folds out to form a closed shape. Such a toy can be worn on the wrist.Future technology Concept Flexible iPhone-bracelet

To implement the project X Phone required display with the organic light-emitting diodes (OLED). Prototypes of these components exhibit regularly at major exhibitions such companies as Sony, LG and Samsung. However, on a market still come out only curved, but not flexible displays. It is a pity,because these toys certainly would enjoy demand. With reasonable price,of course. Future technology Concept Flexible iPhone-bracelet

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