Concept E-Z Touch

Concept E-Z Touch

This innovative product is a concept that combines the needs of users, is attractive to look at and will be needed in any family.
EZ Touch is a modern interpretation of the ease of using the phone. It combines classic ideas with modern technology. This is a product that is both functional and fashionable.
Concept E-Z Touch features a sleek, glass, touch-sensitive keypad with the traditional large buttons. The buttons include a keypad, phonebook shortcut, volume, speakerphone and an ‘Emergency Contact’ button that can be programmed to call an emergency number with just one touch. The tubular base houses all of the electrical components including a speaker at each end. The compact, cordless, touch screen handset docks into the top of the base to charge and sync with the keypad. Future technology Concept E-Z Touch

 Future technology Concept E-Z Touch Future technology Concept E-Z Touch   Future technology Concept E-Z Touch  Future technology Concept E-Z Touch Future technology Concept E-Z TouchFuture technology Concept E-Z Touch

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