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Concept «dry» washing machine

Concept «dry» washing machine

LG pleasantly surprises lately. The company seriously took rethinking of "smart" appliances, with a focus on new technologies, design and sustainability – all this meets the requirements of modern times.
It’s like magic, but LG is preparing something really awesome. We are talking about a new generation of washing machine that does not require water to wash your clothes. Senior vice president of consumer electronics LG Kevin Cha said nothing more about concept, except that the work is currently in the early stages. However, no details of the top manager has not brought these facts,suppose, is a commercial secret. Future technology Concept «dry» washing machine

LG has introduced unique solution for freshening clothes without water or detergent, LG Styler. It offers a professional touch, using a combination of technologies including steam to help reduce wrinkles and odors on clothing.
This is particularly useful for items that require special care such as suits and blouses. The LG Styler relies foremost on the Steam Refresh function, which is comprised of two features: Steam Spray and Moving Hanger Action. Future technology Concept «dry» washing machine

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