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Concept digital Ring Roulette

Concept digital Ring Roulette

No matter how hard the modern  manufacturers of office supplies, not nothing new appears, ruler remains rulers and pencils – pencils. In this age of high-tech this  somehow out of place, for example, to replace the traditional rulers have come to electronic. Here this is a concept  Finger & Ruler.
The concept E-line presented the korean designer. Gadget called Finger & Ruler, categorically different from the traditional rulers. This not thin elongated strip,and the ring on the rotatable structure, equipped of block reading motion and built-in  monochrome OLED-display.Future technology Concept digital Ring Roulette

To work with this ruler, measure objects on a flat surface, a person puts on his finger a Finger & Ruler and holding device on the table, roll ring on his surface, and the motion sensor  reads turns of ruler on its own axis and calculates traversed the length of the. Convenient meter. Simple and functional design not only decorate you as accessory, but also save you from having extra accessories. These gadgets in the foreseeable future will made all serially.
Designer: Shim Ha Eun Future technology Concept digital Ring Roulette  Future technology Concept digital Ring Roulette

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