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Concept Decorative solar panels

Concept Decorative solar panels

Finnish scientists from VTT Technical Center made a development, whereby was made possible the integration of solar panels in the interior of the house. After installation the decorative solar panels in building becomes possible to obtain a small amount of energy from sunlight or indoor lighting. Receives enough energy for charge small devices.
A new method of making such panels,developed the finnish engineers,makes it possible to print up to 100 meters of the polymer film with light-sensitive elements in within one minute. A film consists of two layers. Between them, the photosensitive elements are light absorbing and producing electricity.Future technology Concept Decorative solar panels

Obvious advantages of such panels include their design and the ability to use them indoors at home. Also, do not forget the fact that the panels are easy and cheap to produce and recyclable. At the same time the biggest drawback is the performance of the panels. Scientists VTT Technical Centre continues to refine its design and hope in the future to increase the effectiveness of decorative graphic panels. Future technology Concept Decorative solar panelsFuture technology Concept Decorative solar panels

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