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Concept contact lenses with zoom

Concept contact lenses with zoom

New contact lenses will provide its owner vision superhero. Telescopic lenses have an almost threefold increase, which is carried out in the blink of an eye in the literal sense of the word. By tradition, the device was a purely the military development, but, as it happens, the developers decided to take pity on people with poor eyesight and present his invention to the world community.
Approximating contact lenses consist of two parts: the inner region for normal vision and the outer ring – to increase the visible image 2.8 times. Telescopic effect created with points that control the angle of light incidence on the lens. When light falls on the outer region of the lens, the image is enlarged. Winking his right eye activates the zoom function, and left – returns normal vision.Future technology Concept contact lenses with zoom

In “smart eye” integrated microscopic the aluminum sensor, allowing zoomed image, and miniature canals, laid in the lenses provide the supply of oxygen to the cornea. Thus, special glasses concentrated and filtered light through the lens and can increase the surrounding objects. Currently, developers conduct beta testing a new device. Mass production of the zoom lens is scheduled to begin in two years.Future technology Concept contact lenses with zoom   Future technology Concept contact lenses with zoom

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