Concept coiled TV LG

Concept coiled TV LG

Thin and flexible TV – an old dream of manufacturers and buyers. So far, the panel remain at the prototypes, but their development and improvement continue to do all the leading manufacturers, such as Sony, the Samsung and LG. By the way, the South Korean company LG has recently demonstrated at various events most incredible television, with spectacular unusual form factors. The South Korean company LG, the second-largest manufacturer of television sets in the world, announced its plans imagine the rolled up OLED-TV panel technology exhibition next year.
Unlike existing TV with a curved screen,coiled panel is more convenient to carry and can be placed in any convenient location for viewing. As a provider of flexible and transparent OLED-panel TVs for the new company will deliver LG Display, and a supplier of batteries will be LG Chem, the world’s largest manufacturer of batteries for electric cars. LG Electronics sees a future in which windows, countertops and even walls covered with displays. Since OLED-panels can take any form, they are flexible and transparent, they have a real potential for an augmented reality in the future.Future technology Concept coiled TV LG

However, there are many technical obstacles to be solved before the flexible OLED-TVs will become a mass product. But when it happens, people’s lives change for the better. If working prototype will submit in January 2016, already after 3-4 years these TVs will be put into mass production. Future technology Concept coiled TV LG  Future technology Concept coiled TV LG

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