Concept Clever swimsuit

Concept Clever swimsuit

Created the world’s first smart swimsuit as yet untitled, but already endowed with a non-standard functions for him. No, he will not send to your smartphone information on the state that hides from prying eyes – everything is much more interesting and unique.
Swimsuit looks like a sexy bikini, located inside the 3D-printed elastic mesh with embedded opaque plates made of spongy substance.
According to the authors of the idea, all the dirt remains in the sponge and not come into contact with the body, so that the water treatment really works. From what material made these same sponge is still unknown, but this material is short-lived, though, and easily replaceable. Reported,that change the sponge can every 20 baths.
Note that the more pollutants catch a swimsuit, so it will be harder and, more importantly, more volume, so that the closer to the time to replace the first filler modest size could become a decent male attention the third. So far, the 3D-printed swimsuit only a prototype, but production is not far off. By the way, for men will also be issued smelting, as well as super-sponge will be used in the shorts for surfing and even diving suits. So, the more time you spend in the water, the cleaner it becomes. Future technology Concept Clever swimsuit

 Future technology Concept Clever swimsuit  Future technology Concept Clever swimsuit Future technology Concept Clever swimsuitFuture technology Concept Clever swimsuit

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